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No more InfoCraft???

by Joe on Nov 30th in Uncategorized

So InfoCraft, after 6 years in business, is closing its doors. On January 1st, we will be “Like A Boss Coding, LLC”. Why? There’s a number of reasons. InfoCraft had a bit of a rough start in the “paperwork” department. I tried to file as an LLC, but someone had a similar “sounding” name, so […]

Hyper-V and HP

by Joe on Sep 2nd in HP, tools, Troubleshooting, Uncategorized, Windows 8

So, I have just concluded a months-long battle with installing Hyper-V on my HP Envy H8-1414. Apparently, the Bluetooth Driver that comes preloaded is not compatible with Hyper-V. I went through cycles of wiping my computer and restarting, even the extreme of taking my desktop back to Best Buy and having them do an OS […]

Reset the Net

by Joe on Jun 5th in Uncategorized

June 5th is Reset the Net day. I encourage you to read through the information here: https://www.resetthenet.org/ It’s important to keep the Net safe, but also keep it private.

A call for speakers

by Joe on Oct 18th in Uncategorized

Hey guys, I’m looking for great speakers for two user’s groups I’m involved in. The first is the North Houston .NET Users Group. We’re pretty open to topics – as long as you’re passionate about it! We’ve had speakers range from .Net, to C++, to iOS, to HTML5. It is a .Net users group, so […]

Visual Studio 2013 is here

by Joe on Jun 27th in Uncategorized

Steve Ballmer talked about Visual Studio 2013 during his Keynote at BUILD today. Sounds like it might be pretty interesting! 5000 new APIs Cool new Diagnostic Toys A new version of .Net Enabling “Edit and Continue” in 64-bit applications (my personal favorite) And some fairly significant Async Debugging work All of which means this is […]

Office isn’t activated???

by Joe on Apr 19th in Uncategorized

So I’m working along, and all of a sudden, MS Office asks me to activate my product. Never mind that it was activated months ago. So, I clicked the “Activate over the internets” button, but I got an error that said “We’re sorry, something went wrong and we can’t do this for you right now” […]

Virtual Brown Bag Relaunch

by Joe on Feb 6th in Uncategorized

Hey guys, tomorrow at 12 Central, the Virtual Brown Bag gets a relaunch! It’s very casual. Bring a lunch, and something to talk about, as I have nothing much planned 😉 The meeting link can be found at http://bit.ly/VirtualBrownBag

CODE Framework and Unit Testing

by Joe on Jul 9th in Uncategorized

I’ve got an article pending for the CODE Magazine focusing on Unit Testing in the CODE Framework. Want a sneak peak? I’m going to discuss using the ServiceGardenLocal static object to set up InProcess Mock Objects. Here’s the abstract… The CODE Framework provides a set of tools for developing n-tier, service-oriented applications. In addition, there […]

Node.Js on Windows

by Joe on Jun 23rd in Uncategorized

According to the Node.Js official Blog, Microsoft is partnering with Joyent to bring Node.Js to Windows. Read the full article here. What ramifications does this have? Windows 8 is supposedly going to be developed with HTML5 as the main application UI layer in mind… Meaning that Node.Js could become a major player in windows development […]

Connection between HCI and the SDLC

by Joe on Sep 11th in Uncategorized

Zhang et al (2009) insist that “incorporating a human computer interaction (HCI) perspective into the systems development life cycle (SDLC) is critical to information systems (IS) success and in turn to the success of businesses.” The problem, they remind us, is that typical software development progresses with the needs of the organization in mind, rather […]

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