No more InfoCraft???

by Joe on Nov 30th in Uncategorized

So InfoCraft, after 6 years in business, is closing its doors. On January 1st, we will be “Like A Boss Coding, LLC”.

Why? There’s a number of reasons. InfoCraft had a bit of a rough start in the “paperwork” department. I tried to file as an LLC, but someone had a similar “sounding” name, so that didn’t work. Then I filed as a DBA, but the company I used misfiled my paperwork, and the DBA never went through. I ended up using as an “Employer of Record”. This worked well for a long time, but now I have some aspirations of taking my company to the next level, and it’s time for me to move beyond the bounds of what iProfessional is able to provide in their framework.

Some things to look forward to:

  • More technical blog articals
  • Blogs about things I learned setting up the new company
  • A new theme for the website for the new company – with more service\price information
  • Exciting information about another new venture I’m engaging in: Like a Boss Gaming.

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